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A good cup of coffee can make your whole day better. We make it easy for you to enjoy freshly roasted coffee, whether that means stopping in to visit our cafe in downtown Ann Arbor, picking up a bag of beans at your local grocer, or having fresh beans delivered to your door. We’re dedicated to providing you coffees from around the world that will excite your taste buds, stimulate your senses and start your day off right.


MGC @ Home – Classes and Equipment

Have you been wanting to make latte art in your own kitchen? Do you want to get the most out of your Hario V60? Looking to upgrade your home espresso machine? Well hold on, because in October, we’re launching our Mighty Good Coffee @ Home coffee classes and equipment sales out of our Arbor Hills cafe. From the basics of brewing the perfect single cup to making latte art for your friends to understanding the differences between a natural and washed Yirgacheffe, we’ll be scheduling classes throughout the rest of the year to touch on all of these topics and many in between. Led by our staff of Specialty Coffee Association of American (SCAA) certified baristas and roasters, these will be hands on classes for small groups looking to expand their coffee knowledge, skills and pallets in a fun and informative setting. Espresso and latte classes will get a chance to make coffee on our own Synesso professional machine as well as our prosumer line from Rocket Espresso. You’ll get to try your hand at steaming milk (or milk alternative) and making the perfect rosetta or heart. For those who want to expand your pallets, a class on coffee cupping will explore the tastes of coffees from different regions and processing methods. You’ll learn how and why we roast these coffees to bring out their unique flavors and aromas. Maybe you want to make the perfect siphon pot or Chemex brew for your table guests. We’ll be cover that in a brew methods class and also explore how one coffee can taste many different ways depending on what kind of brewer you... read more

Coffee Comings and Goings

We have had a lot going on at the café over the last couple of weeks. We have four new coffees to tell you about. We just received the new crop of our Guatemalan Huehuetenango from Finca Joya Grande. This year’s crop is a bit sweeter than last years. It still has the same rich full body and flavor but is even smoother. This is my favorite “coffee of the day” and I always end up drinking an extra cup or two when we have it. It is an exceptional coffee for drip brewing. After our first two Black Label coffees sold out, we have a new crop of offerings. The coffees we bring you in this series are produced in very small amounts. They are the best beans from exclusive cultivators. Only a handful of bags of these coffees make it to this country for you to enjoy. The first addition to our line of Black Label coffees is a Central American. El Salvador produces some excellent coffees and we are happy to have a very special example produced and processed at a single farm. Our Laguna Las Ranas is honey processed which means that the mucilage surrounding the coffee bean is left on for a time. This allows the bean to absorb some of the sugar contained in the mucilage. This coffee was processed in a limited edition. The honey process is very obvious in the cup. There is a lot of sweetness but the coffee maintains a lot of clarity with no sense of being syrupy. Try this coffee in a Chemex preparation and enjoy a... read more

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