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A good cup of coffee can make your whole day better. We make it easy for you to enjoy freshly roasted coffee, whether that means stopping in to visit our cafe in downtown Ann Arbor, picking up a bag of beans at your local grocer, or having fresh beans delivered to your door. We’re dedicated to providing you coffees from around the world that will excite your taste buds, stimulate your senses and start your day off right.


Cold Brew Season – Notes from the Roasting Team

It’s the middle of summer and here at the Mighty Good Coffee roasting department we have been really focused on getting you the best cold coffee products we can. We want to take a minute to fill you in on a few changes we have made to our products and hopefully give you a better idea of how things work behind the scenes here. You may have noticed some changes to our cold brew and Nitro coffee over the last couple of months. We are constantly trying to make the best possible coffee drinks and because we source and roast our own beans we have the opportunity to develop just the flavor profile we are looking for in all of our products. At the moment we have fifteen green coffees in stock and another six that we are sampling. By changing how we roast these coffees we can develop the flavor we want from them. Everything we do is a team effort between the roasters and the rest of the staff as we work through various trials until we get the flavors we want. A couple of months ago, we set out to increase the sweetness and mouth feel of our standard cold brew without introducing any bitterness. We ended up roasting the coffee we use for the cold brew a few degrees darker. This brought some of the oils to the surface of the coffee, which allowed us to introduce a bit more body to our brew. We think it makes our cold brew feel more like coffee on your tongue. By roasting the coffee slightly longer we... read more

Black Label Coffees

At Mighty Good Coffee we are always trying to bring you the best coffee experience. To that end, we are happy to introduce our new line of Black Label coffees. These will be limited runs of some of the very best coffees that are available in the world. Much like fine wines, these coffees are an expression of their place of origin, the weather and how they are processed. We take these coffees and roast them in small batches until we are satisfied that we are getting the best possible flavor from them. Because of the small production of these coffees they will only be available for a limited time. To start with, we have two coffees from the area around Yirga Chefe in south central Ethiopia. While both of these coffees share a medium body they have very distinct flavors. There are several reasons for this. Coffee is indigenous to Ethiopia and much of the production there is done by families on small-holdings. Unlike most South and Central American coffees, the trees in Ethiopia vary considerably in the flavor of the coffee they produce. The trees are not grown from a few related plants but are largely indigenous to their local area. There are also differences in soil and altitude between different areas that result in different flavors developing in the coffee. The coffees are also processed in different ways. The coffee bean that we drink is processed in one of three ways. One of them is only used in Sumatra and accounts for the unique character of those coffees. The coffees we have are produced using the... read more

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