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A good cup of coffee can make your whole day better. We make it easy for you to enjoy freshly roasted coffee, whether that means stopping in to visit one of our Ann Arbor cafes, picking up a bag of beans at your local grocer to brew at home, or beans delivered to your business. We’re dedicated to providing you coffees from around the world that will excite your taste buds, stimulate your senses and start your day off right.


Arrival of the Colombians

Sometimes, you just have to wait for good things to come. That’s certainly the case with the new crop of Colombian coffees that just arrived at our Main St. roasting facility. Back track almost 6 months when we visited the town of Jardin in the Antioquia region of Colombia in December of 2015. We toured, tasted and selected two coffees that we would bring in this year. The first, from Finca La Meseta, is a coffee we’ve been working with for the past four years and are quite familiar with. The second, Finca El Zafiro, a much smaller farm with a very limited amount of coffee to export we thought would be the prize from the trip. And finally, it’s arrived and we’ve just finished roasting the first batch.   And while these farms are only a few kilometers apart, the coffees are actually quite different. La Meseta is as reliable as the horses we rode up steep mountain dirt roads and paths to get to the farm. Balanced with a full body and mild brightness, it’s the coffee we have depended on for years to provide an excellent cup to our customers. El Zafiro on the other hand, leans a bit towards the brighter sweet blackberry note along with a slight pepper spice providing a complexity in the cup one wouldn’t normally expect from a fine Colombian coffee.  El Zafiro is also run by a large multi-generational family, each taking on specific tasks from finance to milling the coffee each day it’s harvested. Down the road at La Meseta, farm manager Hector greeted us again in December as he... read more

Winter Times, Changing Times

A lot has been changing this winter at our Main St. MGC HQ starting with the recent installation of our new Loring 35 kilo roaster which went in at the beginning of February. After 10 1/2 year of roasting on our Diedrich which I purchased even before MGC was open for business (or even had a name), it was time to make a pretty significant upgrade to our production. Interestingly, it wasn’t necessarily the growth of our wholesale business that drove the change, rather the continual and fortunate growth in our own cafe business is what it really drove the decision. As well, our production space on Main St. was getting more and more cramped and the new roaster allowed us to gain some of that space back. A lot of this has to do with the technology employed in the new roaster, and the efficiency of the burner system. Simply put, the new configuration burns 1/3 the gas or our older system while tripling our capacity, greatly reducing our carbon footprint. The MGC roasting team has been working continuously on dialing in each coffee we roast, while discovering new ways to unlock flavors we might not have gotten previously. All that said, I’m very excited about the newest offering, a Kenya AA from the Chomo Factory in the Kiambu County. This coffee has a citrus brightness, clarity and balance that is a real delight for all of us at MGC. It’ s available by the cup or in bags at our Main St. and Arbor Hills locations. A few other changes coming up: Arbor Hills is now open until 6 pm... read more

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