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We can't do it all alone. Fostering a sense of community is important to everyone, and small businesses are no different.

At Mighty Good, we have learned to focus on what we do best: roast and brew delicious coffee (and cook delicious meals at the Jefferson Market). Then we seek out like-minded people to help us source and deliver the other elements.

As a result, over the years we've developed our own community of suppliers who work with us to bring you perfect pastries, unique teas, fresh produce, and the oh-so-important Brown Sugar Sea Salt latte.

We hope you will join us in supporting some of those key partners, listed below, as we all work hard to bring you great food and beverages at all the Mighty Good Coffee locations:

Avalon International Breads

Since 1997, Avalon Bakery has been providing the people of Detroit with wholesome, nutritious loaves of bread. We had been working with Avalon occasionally over the years, but our partnership was truly cemented when plans were put in place for opening several new locations in Detroit, Ann Arbor and in the Delta terminal at Metro Airport.

Over the past few years, we’ve learned a lot from working with their staff at every level and benefit daily from these relationships that build each other up and create a stronger community for us all.  

We get a daily delivery of a variety of delicious Avalon pastries - croissants, muffins and cookies - for our customers to pair with their morning coffee.

Calder Dairy


Where to begin with Calder Dairy? They've been in business since 1946, and we've been using them since our very first cafe opened on Main Street. Crates of whole, skim and chocolate milk, not forgetting the half and half, are delivered weekly to all our locations, which we then steam and pour atop espresso to form lattes, cappuccinos and our ever-popular cocoa drinks (seriously, if you haven't yet you should definitely stop in and try a Sea Salt Cocoa Latte).

During the summer, Calder also supplies us with ice cream, which we use to make affogatos (espresso poured over ice cream) and our Espresso Milkshake - the perfect summer treat.

Boochy Mama

Boochy Mama is the brainchild of Stacy Jurich, Toledo native and sister of our general manager, Nick. She learned to make kombucha while living in Hawaii in 2010, and, once back in Toledo, Boochy Mama grew organically from there.

With an always-updating lineup of flavors that change with the seasons -  from Winterland Bliss (Balsam fir, peppermint, and sage) to Pedal Power (strawberry and elderflower), Boochy Mama has become an important part of our grab-and-go refrigerator lineup.

Tasty Bakery

It can be tricky for those with a gluten intolerance to find healthy (as well as palatable) snacks and treats. Most are highly processed, made with unnatural ingredients, or just plain don't taste that good.

Started by Julie Rabinovitz in 2009 after she was diagnosed with Celiac disease, Tasty Bakery aims to change all that - offering simple, nutritious, gluten free snacks to the good people of Ann Arbor.

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At Mighty Good, we want to encourage everyone to stop in and enjoy our cafes, no matter what their dietary restrictions, so we're delighted to offer Tasty's gluten free (and vegan!) granola bars, brownies and cookies at all our cafes.

Arbor Teas

Another Ann Arbor business with whom we have forged close ties over the years, Arbor Teas sources and sells the best quality organic and sustainable tea from all around the world. Tea and coffee have much in common, from seasonality to growing conditions to social impact - all things that Arbor Teas, like us, takes extremely seriously.

Our popular Chai Latte is anchored by an Arbor Teas Fair Trade organic Masala Chai base, brewed and mixed with honey and then steamed with your choice of milk - it's also equally delicious iced.

Bear Creek Bars

Bear Creek Farm in Marshall, Michigan, produces various items in its on-site commercial kitchen, but our favorites are their energy bars - two of which, the Go Bar and the Green Bar, we sell in our cafes. Packed with protein and a healthy serving of nuts, these bars will keep you going on even the busiest of days.

Bear Creek also makes juices and granola, as well as selling produce from their farm stand and at various farmers markets around their locality.

Argus Farm Stop

Speaking of which. What if you want to visit your local farmers market and stock up on vegetables, but it's the middle of winter? Previously, you'd be forced to head to the nearest Meijer and call it good. But Ann Arbor now has an alternative: Argus Farm Stop. A year-round market where you can buy local produce from local farmers, Argus has two Stops: the original on W. Liberty, and a second location on Packard.

Mighty Good cold brew, bagged coffee and Jefferson Market soups & salads (at the Packard location) line the shelves, alongside other Michigan-made products and, of course, the freshest local veggies. It's a sustainable, affordable, and delightful way to buy your groceries.

Matty J's Bakery And Cafe

Founded in 2017, Matty J's is a bakery and cafe just down the road in Saline, and one of our newer partners. Matty J's provides the Jefferson Market with bread throughout the week, with which we craft our ever-changing lineup of inventive sandwiches.


As well as baking delicious bread, Matty J's brews up Mighty Good coffee using a beautiful purple La Marzocco Linea - make sure to grab a cup (and a cookie) next time you're in Saline.

Grazing Fields Eggs

Grazing Fields is an established Michigan, multi-farm cooperative and wholesaler of natural free-range brown eggs and non-GMO pork products. We use their wholesome and brightly yolked eggs in our brunch items every weekend during Saturday and Sunday service at The Jefferson Market.

Frog Holler Produce

At the Jefferson Market, we want to make sure we're using the freshest (and local-est) fruit and vegetables in our salads and sandwiches, and in our weekend brunch items. This is where Frog Holler comes in - with more than 40 years of experience sourcing the best produce in the area, we know we can rely on them to keep us fully stocked.

Fresh, seasonal, and of the highest quality at all times, the produce they provide us with makes its way to you in the form of, for example, our Sunflower Salad: spring greens, asparagus, snap peas, sunflowers shoots & seeds, pea tendrils in a sunflower-orange vinaigrette. It's as good as it sounds.