Here we go into the New Year and time to reflect on what worked for you, our customers, and what we can improve on to make your experience at Mighty Good even better.

The latter half of 2016 seemed to be an ongoing battle with Comcast and getting our network to be more reliable at our Main St. location. Many phone calls, visits from various techs, monitoring of our incoming lines, new modems and all new lines run to our building had some effect. We learned a few thing along the way. First of all, Comcast is a company run by people who may, or may not, have all the information they need to do their jobs well. No one person is the fountain of digital knowledge and their systems aren't really good at supporting the person on the other end of the line. The second most important thing is that getting mad at them is pointless. The third thing, and probably the most important, is to find someone who understands all of this. In our case, that proved to be Alex, a computer science professor at the U, and Joe, who works 2 floors above us and manages the IT systems for his company's offices in Ann Arbor, Detroit, DC and Madison. He even manages to monitor our system while sitting at his own desk eating lunch.

So, through a combination of all parties involved, some new equipment from Comcast as well as all new internal networking hardware, things seem to be humming along much better making everyone just a little happier at the Main St. cafe.

So what's our resolution? Remember that our digital environment matters just as much as the coffee we serve and how we serve it. We continuously strive to be better at making coffee and hope we that the good folks at Comcast can come along for the ride in delivering exceptional service for you as well.