Notes: For classes at Arbor Hills, please call734-436-8580 to add your name to the sign up sheet, stop in and sign up.

Thursday, February 4th, Espresso Explorations, 6:30 pm, Arbor Hills, $15

Join us as we explore the many different ways espresso shots can taste just by changing a few small details. How much do dose, grind size and variable pressure affect the final shot of espresso? We’ll be working on our Synesso Hydra machine for most of this class to find out, then moving to our Rocket home machine so you can get a feel for what’s possible in your own home. Class Limit 6 people.

Saturday, February 6th, Coffee Tasting and Brew Methods, 8:30 am, Arbor Hills, $15

Join us for an exploration on a variety of coffee brewing methods including Chemex, Hario, Aeropress and Japanese Siphon and taste the many different ways a coffee can taste just by changing the way you brew it. Class Limit 6 people.

Saturday, February 27th, Coffee Cupping Class, 8:30 am, Arbor Hills, $15

Join our staff as we explore coffees from different regions through the process of cupping, the formal method by which coffee is evaluated around the world.  We’ll discuss the differences between dry fragrance and wet aroma and delve into the lexicon used by coffee by tasters around to describe the nuances of the cup in a way that creates a universal language. Class Limit 6 people.