Choose a Coffee

Choosing a coffee can be as easy or as complex as you desire. We think the more you know about the coffee you’re drinking, the more in depth you’ll want to know about it.

The basic components of a coffee are Aroma, Acidity or Brightness, Flavor and Body. There are also roast levels to consider which greatly affect the way a particular coffee will taste.

In simple terms, lighter roasts will reveal more of the unique flavor components of a coffee and also tend to be brighter than darker roasted coffees. Darker roasts will reveal more roastiness and sweet sugar flavors. Very dark coffees, such as Italian roast, tend to be very oily and often verge on sweet flavors revealing a burned flavor similar to burning sugar on a stove, or over cooked meat on a grill.

There are also unique flavors based on region of origin and processing methods. Indonesian coffees such as our Sumatra Iskandar tend to be very full bodied, earthy and syrupy. African coffees can be among the most unique from Ethiopian Harar with its distinct blueberry notes to Tanzanian peaberry with a slight ruby red grapefruit note. Central American coffees tend to be the most level and even. From Costa Rican with subtle milk chocolate notes to Guatemalan Flor del Cafe with a more dark chocolate note, the subtleties are as varied as the villages and hills these coffees come from.

At Mighty Good Coffee, we roast to bring out the unique flavor profiles of all our single origin coffees while our signature blends lean towards the darker side. As a rule, we don’t ever roast coffee to a level so dark that would attempt to hide any defects in quality or just to make a dark coffee for the sake of it.