Brew Coffee

There are many different ways to brew coffee, each with its own unique flavor. We’ll focus here on three basic and popular methods that range from the cleanest to the most murky.

French Press

French Press coffee is a unique brewing method that yields a very full and rich cup of coffee. The intent of a French press is to brew only what you and your guests will drink immediately. Coffee that is left in the press for longer periods of time will not only cool down, but continue to extract coffee into the liquid and that just might not taste too good.

1. Start with fresh cold water and bring it to boil in a kettle or stove top.

2. Grind your coffee just before brewing on the coarse setting.

3. Measure 1 tablespoon of ground coffee into the press for each 4 oz. of water.

4. Let the water cool down from a boil approximately 30 seconds, the pour over the grounds.

5. Start the timer. After 1 minute, gently stir the coffee. You may need to add a bit more water at this time.

6. Place the top of the press on top of the carafe to retain heat.

7. After a total of 4 minutes, gently press the coffee to the bottom of the pot. You don’t need to force it.

8. Pour your coffee and enjoy.


The Chemex brewing system is a simple and time-tested way to make exceptional coffee at home. We also offer this method in our cafe. The result is a very pure and clean cup of coffee. This is due to the very fine paper filters used. The subtle nuances of the coffees are clearly expressed.

1. Use fresh cold water and bring to a boil in your kettle or stove top.

2. Grind your coffee on a medium setting. You’ll need 1.5 oz. for each 20 oz. of water.

3. Place the Chemex filter in the carafe and pre-wet with a bit of hot water.

4. Pour the ground coffe into the filter.

5. Pour enough water over the grounds to saturate them. This is the first of 3 pours to complete the process.

6. Add more water in a circular motion to break the bloom and fully saturate the grounds.  Bring the level up to just below the top of the carafe.

7. Once the water has gone down about 3/4″, add more water to rinse the grounds around the edge of the filter.

8. Once you have 20 oz. of water in the carafe,  remove the filter and let it finish draining in the sink.

9. Pour and enjoy.

Melitta / Pour over style:

One of the most simple ways to brew an individual cup of coffee at home.

1. Start with fresh cold water. Bring to a boil in your kettle of stove top.

2. Grind your coffee on the drip setting, or medium/fine. Start with 2 tablespoons for each 6-8 oz. of water.

3. Put the ground coffee in the filter and pour a small amount of water over the grounds to full saturate them.

4. When the water has drained, add enough water to fill the filter in a circular motion to ensure that all the grounds are fully saturated.

5. Once your mug is full, remove the filter holder and let it finish draining in the sink.

6. Your perfectly brewed coffee is now ready to drink. Enjoy!