Cafe #3 Arbor Hills, Opening Soon

arborWe’re pleased to announce that our 3rd cafe will be opening in Arbor Hills this summer. Tucked in with the likes of Lululemon, The North Face, Running Fit and Bigalora, this will be our biggest project since opening on Main St. 5 years ago. Stay tuned for the announcement of our opening date.

Billy Goat, Nitro and Ice Cream

What do these three things have in common? They’re the latest projects from our Main St. coffee development staff. All three are projects that have been brewing for quite some time and summer is the perfect time to introduce them.

Billy Goat Espresso: In cycling parlance, a Billy Goat is an exceptional climber, i.e one who rides a bike up a mountain the fastest. Our latest espresso blend is livelier and brighter than our Espresso #46. Delightful all on its own, or blended into an espresso drink. Start your day with a shot of Billy Goat and even if you don’t get there first, you’ll feel great!



nitro1335Nitro Cold Brew: Take our cold brew, put it in a keg, add some pressure and serve it up on a Nitro tap and prepare yourself for a super creamy and slightly bubbly (think Guinness) expression of cold brew coffee. Served in a 16 oz. pint glass. Available at both Main St. and 1335 South U.




affogatoAffogato: A shot of our espresso brewed over a scoop of Calder’s Dairy French vanilla ice cream. Do we need to say more? I think not!


Nitro Infused Cold Brew is Here

Just in time for the warmer weather, we’ve got our tap running with nitro infused cold brew at our Main St. Cafe. There are several differences Nitro Cold Brewbetween nitro and our standard cold brew. First, we mix a stronger ratio of our cold brew concentrate with cold filtered water so the beverage has a heavier body and is much stronger, and higher in caffeine than our traditional mix. Second, we inject pure nitrogen into this mix and keep it under pressure in a keg. Third, we serve it straight from the keg into a pint glass with no ice, cream, milk or other adulterating liquids. The result is a creamy and smooth pint glass of kick-ass Mighty Good cold brew that will quench your thirst on a warm day and put you into overdrive for the coming day or night.

Stop by and try a pint!

What I learned in Art School – Details Matter

Recently, I was interviewed by a local reporter who was interested in what defines Mighty Good Coffee and what distinguishes us from other coffee shops in the area. We talked for a while about a variety of topic from our roasting to our customer service philosophy to why I thought it was important to have visited a coffee farm and tried picking the beans myself. It wasn’t the first time I had talked to this reporter and having developed a rapport over the past few weeks, my discussion was perhaps more candid and conversational than a typical Q & A. The following day, when I read his article, I was pleasantly surprised to read the headline, “Mighty Good Coffee says it’s the details that make great coffee” and I realized that I had conveyed in our conversation exactly the core vision and value that I’ve had throughout my life. I’ve been thinking this through over the last day or so, reflecting on how this has had an impact on the things I’ve done. While as a teenager, I might not have been as aware of this, by the time I got to art school at age 20, I realized how important the details would become in every aspect of my life. I realized that there are a lot of people with great vision, talent and passion, but aren’t able to convey that into sustainable career. And there are people who are so detail oriented that they lose sight of the ability to create and fully utilize their talents. I realized that it would take a subtle, yet firm commitment to both to have any chance of success. I realized early on that an exceptional presentation can help make something good even better. And I learned that the sum of a portfolio was more important than any one image. I learned that if I was going to make a career in the arts, I had to know what being in business meant if I was going to parlay any of this into a living. I learned that sometimes you have to work at something over and over (and over) and push yourself if you want to improve. I learned that completing an assignment on time and well presented was better than the excuse of not having perfected an image. I could always work towards improving if I opened myself up to critique. I learned that the darkroom requires a stringent process and excellent note keeping in order to learn and make improvements.

Right, how does this translate into coffee roasting, brewing and the business of coffee? Well, it’s really all of the above combined with continually challenging and improving your palate. It’s about collaboration with other coffee enthusiasts, chefs, sommeliers, farmers and friends. It’s about opening myself up to critique and giving critique when sharing coffee with my friends around the country. It’s about following a process and continuously working on the idea of perfection, knowing that it’s never quite attainable. It’s knowing that when the last few pounds of a great coffee are left that it should be savored, but aware that there are many more great coffees out there and to keep looking.

And at Mighty Good, it’s about all of this awareness, but never feeling like you have to know, or even want to know, everything that we could impart about coffee. We know that sometimes all you want is your morning fix, a smile, a handshake, fist bump, high five or a simple Thank You as you head our towards your day. The details are what matter to us, whether you notice them or not because that’s what allows us to do what we do, every day, all year.

Thanks to all our customers for stopping by to visit and making us a part of your day.


Mighty Good, Part Duex

newshopexAs many of you may have already read, we will be opening our 2nd stand-alone store front at the end of December at 1335 S. University in Ann Arbor. We couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity to grow in the Burns Park and UM Campus neighborhoods! Cozy yet modern, we think this space fits our personality perfectly. And, since it’s not that big, you’ll get to see many of the same wonderful Mighty Good barista staff working here and at our Main St. Mother Ship. We’ll have all of the favorites including the ubiquitous Brown Sugar Sea Salt and Sea Salt Cocoa lattes along with our daily drip and manual brew methods.

We’ll be opening the doors on December 27th with hours of 8 am – 3 pm during the remainder of the holiday break, then 7 am – 5 pm when school resumes in early January. As the daylight hours start to lengthen, we’ll likely stay open into the evenings when you’ll be able to enjoy a frothy Nitro Cold Brew starts to flow from the tap.

We look forward to serving you in the new year so please, stop by and say hello and grab a cup to start your day, or savor an afternoon treat and watch the world of Ann Arbor go by our windows.