2013 – Back to the Basics

2013 is upon us and already time is flying by. To counteract what seems to be a general speeding up of our business, I’ve decided to slow down and concentrate on the three core principles that got to this point. Buy really great green beans. Roast them fresh daily. Get them to our customers as soon as possible. Three simple steps that take a lot of time, care, planning and attention to detail.

I was reminded of this just after  midnight on Jan. 1st. The crystal ball had dropped on Times Square and I decided to take a look at the New York Times about 12:30 am. An article on coffee had just been posted that really summed up the goal I’ve been working towards at our cafe on Main St. as well as our roasting operation in general. (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/02/dining/learning-to-create-the-perfect-cup-of-coffee.html?pagewanted=all). The simplicity and complexity of a 2 oz. shot of espresso, laid out on my iPad as the new year began, was both a sign that I was on the right path, and that I still had work to do. Fortunately, I have made some changes over the past few months to ensure that we will continue on this coffee mission undeterred. So what’s different?

First, I hired Dana Blaisdell as our lead barista,  trainer and cafe manager. Dana comes to us with over 7 years of coffee experience in a variety of settings from Brighton, MI to Portland, OR. Second, we’ve begun streamlining our processes at the cafe so that we can focus more intentionally on the coffee we serve and devote more time roasting to meet our growth in business with cafes, restaurants, offices and grocery stores that have partnered with us. Third, I began reaching out to different pastry and food vendors that can supply us instead of making them ourselves at this time. Again, it’s a simplification and focus on what we do best. Coffee!

So, if you’re a regular, you have probably already noticed some of the ebb and flow around the cafe these days. There are some new and enthusiastic coffee loving employees, some great new coffees coming in, a new espresso machine being custom built just for us, and a dedication to making your coffee experience at Mighty Good, well, Mighty Good.

Thanks and Happy New Year,